Friday, 28 December 2012


Half the split tapes (100 units) are ready and on their way to aus as I type this and will be available very soon.
In the mean time you can hear one of she SHACKLƩS songs on their band page on  (fucking) Facebook and you can listen to WORNXOUT'S tracks here 
If you don't like tapes don't fear because there is 400 7"s on the way (250 of which will be coming to aus)

Friday, 21 December 2012


Castigated 01( Shackxs/wornxout split ) was meant to be out by now but a few set backs took place that has held stuff up (the tapes came with the stickers on the wrong sides and the wornxout guys have had to re do them).
Previously I stated there would only be 100 tapes but as it turns out there is actually gonna be 200 (100 coming to aus) so they won't be too scarce. The records have been ordered also and will be hopefully arriving not long after the tapes..
Shacklxs will hopefully have the tapes at their next show on the 8th of January with needles (us), 
Black deity and the fevered
More info soon..

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


SHACKLΣS/WORN OUT split will be available in the next few weeks, first in a run of 100 pro dubbed cassettes shortly followed by the actual record in a pressing of 400 (150 colored).
More info very soon.